I love trying to get  “THE” shot : capturing that moment in a performance that shows the artist’s raw emotion. I always work to capture an artist in the most flattering manner. After all, if they look good, I look good, right? That is what I strive for every time I shoot.
I have been a music photographer since 1983. I have photographed artists onstage, backstage and beyond. Past photo assignments/publishings include: Tour Bus Entertainment, Urban Hero Magazine, Ampex Recording Tapes, Q107FM, Metallion Magazine, Warner Music Canada, Hit Parader Magazine, Sound Check Entertainment, The Lovelocks, The Road Heavy, Glenn Marais Band.
I am always listening to music – and I mean constantly. And that includes many genres (Rock, Country, Jazz, Blues, Metal, Reggae). I have been going to live concerts since I was 12, and playing guitar since I was 13. So, combining my love of music with my passion for photography was just such a natural fit for me.
Live event photography is what I love to do!


Photo credits: left image: Mike Fowler, centre and right images: Glenn Rodger

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